The Mystic Touch

Book 1 of the 7th Eye Private Investigators Series


The Mystic TouchTo be independent of her mother’s wealth and fortune, Jordi Hazzard wants to prove that she can be a successful private eye and also make a difference out on the streets where there is so much crime. She wants to use her psychic ‘gift’ to make the streets a safer place.


Hired to keep Jordi out of trouble, Gray Lawless is supposed to make her quit her job! June is paying him an enormous sum to make her daughter see reason. He feels that it’s easy money, but soon finds Jordi has other plans.



“He’s kind of cute. Don’t you think?” she murmured.

“I’d say completely drop-dead gorgeous, in a dangerous kind of way! I love tall, dark, and handsome men. Just look at the way his hunky, bulging muscles ripple from top to bottom. They don’t hurt my eyes either. And watch how that six-pack ripples when he moves, and his…”

“All right, already!” Jordi cried. “You’re making me drool. Just knock it off! Let’s get the sit ups done, and get out of here. We have some work to do.”

You have some work to do. I already did a full day’s worth. I have to go home and see what SPF007 has been up to, and get some sword practice in before dinner.”

Giving her friend a wry expression, Jordi snorted. “The brat probably emailed the President of the United States, and the FBI is waiting on our doorstep for us with a whole arsenal.”

Laughing aloud, Piper sat down on an incline board, and began doing her sit-ups.

Dropping down beside her, Jordi slipped her toes into the straps to hold her feet in place, and bent her knees, adjusting her long body to the correct position for beginning the round of one-hundred crunches. The newbie began moving toward her with a confident walk.

“Here we go. I’m going to hit the showers.” Giggling, Piper got up, pulling her arm away when Jordi tried to make her stay.

“Coward,” Jordi hissed. Laughter her answer, Piper skipped away and left the gym.

Continuing her reps, Jordi acted as though she hadn’t seen him. When he sat down backwards on Piper’s board, she glanced at him, continuing to exercise.

“Hi,” he said, offering her a devastatingly beautiful smile.

She sucked in a breath when she met his silver-gray eyes. Usually she could read people right off the bat, but this man’s mind held a barrier she couldn’t cross. She had no idea what he was feeling or thinking. Her empathic ability seldom let her down. She became intrigued despite herself. Halting her crunches, she looked over at the waiting officers briefly then returned her gaze to him.

“I’ll tell you what; let me save you some time and money. They bet you that I wouldn’t go out with you, and you bet them that I would. Split your winnings with me, and I’ll go out for coffee; only coffee.”

Chuckling, he asked, “Can I introduce myself first?” His wide grin sent shivers up her spine making it difficult for her to keep on a poker face as though it hadn’t stirred her interest. Pulling her eyes away from his, she stopped doing the crunches, and held out her hand.

“Jordi Hazzard.”

Taking her hand in his, he leaned in closer. “Grayson Lawless. Call me Gray.”

Her heart flipped when his large, warm hand gripped hers, sending a current up her arm to tingle through her senses.

“Hmmm…your name matches your eyes. Cute.” Oh, crap, don’t make it easy for him, you dolt! She didn’t want him getting any ideas about thinking of the date being anything more than a coffee break.

Gray chuckled, releasing her hand with reluctance.

“My mother has a good sense of humor.”

“So, will you take me up on my offer? Fifty-fifty and one cup of coffee then we split?”

Gray looked over his shoulder at the other cops and grinned. Turning back to her, he nodded. “Sure. You finished here?”

“Yeah, but you haven’t had your workout yet.”

“It’s worth skipping a workout to see their faces when they find out they lost, isn’t it?”

She nodded then prepared to continue her workout. “You’re not kidding. I’ll do a couple more reps, while you tell them, so I can watch. They have no idea that I know about the bets. Don’t give me away.”

“Great, that makes it all the sweeter. I’ll wait in the lobby for you.”

She watched as he walked away, noting how nice his butt was, suddenly giving herself a mental shake.