Notice of Severance and Reversion

Be it known, as of January 1, 2011, the license granted to Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing, to publish and offer for sale the books authored by Frances R. Armstrong writing under Franny Armstrong--Costa Rican Heat, and any other publications submitted to Red Rose Publishing-- is hereby rescinded, and full rights revert to the author. I, Franny Armstrong sever any association or legal ties with Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing.  I now consider all rights with regard to said books as having been completely and fully returned to me from Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I declare, as of this date, I am the sole owner of all such rights, without any exceptions, to all my books. I also declare, I have no further connections, legal, copyright or otherwise with Wendi Felter and Red Rose Publishing. I am not responsible in any way, legally or otherwise for any action on the part of Red Rose Publishing or Wendi Felter.

Frances R. Armstrong
January 1, 2014 Protection Status

2006 Copyright © by Franny Armstrong
All Rights Reserved