JINN & TOXIC

Jinn & Toxic
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A tale of two identical sisters, Jinn and Julie, who are connected telepathically, separated when they were ten years old by the military. Each has a psychic gift that is top secret. Together they are deadly.

Captain Tabor (Tab) McTavish is the leader of Toxic Tango Troop, (TT&T) who work like ghosts getting into and out of their assignments without leaving a trace, however, this time a traitor in their midst has given them away and all goes awry.

Together Tab and Jinn fight the odds and strive to save the TT&T from certain death and unearth the traitor. Tab is torn between saving his sister, Tara, and helping Jinn find Julie in a race against time.


Jinn bent and slipped off her pack, sighing with relief. For hours she’d rushed through the forest, zig–zagging back and forth to keep Captain Toxic off her path, pausing now and then to make sure she’d left no signs of passing through.

The pool was serene but for the rush of the falls disturbing the surface. For a moment she paused, closing her eyes to listen with her mind. After making sure she didn’t sense him or anyone else nearby, she stripped off the insulating jacket and dropped it on the rock.

For the past two days she’d done nothing but sweat and roll in dirt. It was time for a bath. When her boots hit the ground, she caught her breath in relief. Between the heat and walking for miles, her feet throbbed with pain. As her pants dropped around her ankles, a dark shadow rushed at her from the bushes without warning, taking her backward into the pool.

Unable to see, Jinn fought in vain against the intruder holding her with arms of steel. When she surfaced and shoved the hair out of her eyes, choking and coughing on the water she’d swallowed, she looked into angry blue eyes that sent shivers of dread through her.

“You witch! You hit me on the head with a rock and left me for dead.”

Startled that he’d caught up with her, Jinn shoved at his chest but was unable to break his hold. She bit out a sarcastic reply. “Oh, my hero! Protecting me, bound and tied, from a terrifying Tapir. How dare I fend for myself?”

Tab yanked her close to him, her chest pressed tight to his. The response of her nipples hardening into sensitive tight buds, and her lower belly stirring with heated interest annoyed her to no end. He was the last man on the planet she wanted to be attracted to.

“Dennison, I want to know what the hell is going on with you, and you’d better spill it now.”

“Or what? You’ll feed me to the jaguars? It’s a long way home, buddy and—.

“That’s Captain. I outrank you, and until you’re locked up tight in a U.S. military prison, you’re under my watch. Who did you betray us to?”

“I didn’t! Damn but you are one stubborn bastard. You haven’t listened to a thing I said.”

“Liar!” Water dripped into his eyes, trickling down his hard, chiseled cheeks. A tick in his jaw proved the strength of violence he held at bay.

Shivers of passion zapped along her spine. In order to hide her response from his heated body, Jinn looked away and stood still, feeling his groin begin to harden against her aching pelvis.

Defeat in her tone, she said, “Believe what you want, Captain.”

Tab shoved her away, climbing out of the water in one swift move. Jinn took a few seconds to watch the muscle play in his sweet ass as his pants clung to him. Before she had time to finish her perusal, he turned, snapping, “Get out.”

Always the rebel, she paused long enough to watch his eyes narrow in warning before following him up onto the rock.

2006 Copyright © by Franny Armstrong
All Rights Reserved