INTRUDER ALERT!

If you're looking for a great Paranormal Romance, this is it!

7th Eye Private Investigators SeriesIntruder Alert!

Book 2

Author Franny Armstrong

ISBN-13: 978-1537093468

ISBN-10: 1537093460

Publisher: Franny Armstrong
Genre: paranormal romance

Eerie Voodoo drums, magic, and mystery fill the air as evil spirits capture Lee Everett’s consciousness without his knowledge. When he awakes in paradise beside Sage Kirkland, the beautiful lab technician assigned to teach him to control his psychic ability as a trans-medium channeller, claims she is his wife yet he can’t recall the engagement…or the wedding night!


Lee hates his ‘gift’. The only two people who understand his pain are his best friends, and business partners at 7th Eye Private Investigators; Jordi Hazzard and Piper Preston, but they are too far away to help him.


Sage says she loves Lee, but is torn between the man she knows, and the spirit of evil within him. About to battle a Haitian Voodoo Priestess to the death, she can’t ensure whether Lee will be a casualty…or a mindless vessel for a demonic spirit.


The technician placed her clipboard on the counter, pulled up a chair beside him, and sat down. Her long black hair hung in wild curls over her shoulders, a red headband holding them back from her heart–shaped face. Warm brown eyes met his.

“Mr. Everett, you haven’t had much luck, I’ll give you that, but you have to stick with it. From today on, for at least two more weeks, you won’t be permitted to speak to anyone outside of me so you can truly focus. That means no calling your boss or anyone else. Doctor Gurley has already cleared it with Ms. Hazzard.”

What?” he cried. “I’ll go mad if I don’t talk to anyone else! This is crazy. I’m out of here. I’m sorry, Miss Kirkland, but I can’t stand being in this room every day. It’s driving me out of my mind. I’m used to activity, not being a captive.”

His face flamed with anger as he stood yet when her hand reached out and touched his arm, the tension faded and he felt her thoughts mingling with his. A warm sense of calm came over him. A ragged sigh escaped as he flopped back down in the chair.

“What exactly is it you do when you touch people? I can’t stay mad for a minute with you around.”

“I have a gift that took me many years to learn to control, Mr. Everett. Rather than talk about that, let’s just move on to you and your own gift. I’m sure we can teach you how to control it. Give me two more weeks, please.”

Lee dropped his head back on the chair for a moment in defeat then groaned in dismay and lifted his head with a sudden grin on his face.

“I’ll tell you what; I’ll give you two more weeks if you lose the Mr. Everett and call me Lee.” With his most charming smile on his face, he waited for her reaction, expecting her to run.

She surprised him when she nodded. “Okay, Lee, but you have to call me Sage from now on.”

“Sage. What a beautiful name.”

“It means wise and healthy.”

“You’re definitely that, Sage.” His groin began to perk up as he watched her drop her eyes. Her skin was close to caramel in color, her features African–America though he thought she might be part Caucasian too. With a lithe figure, she was endowed with large, beautiful breasts that made him ache to touch them.

For a moment, Sage cleared her throat, about to speak when her cell phone went off. She picked it up and answered right away.

“Yes, sir?”

Lee watched her features, knowing the Doctor was on the other end by the tone of her voice. He often disrupted their visits to discuss things with her. It annoyed the hell out of him, but he knew she was working. Her full lips pursed as her hazel–brown eyes lost a little of their warmth as she hung up.

“Sorry, Lee. I’ll be back in a while. I have to go to the principal’s office.”

Her wry grin made him laugh. “Can I come with you and watch him slap your wrists?”

Sultry laughter was his answer.

“You practice these exercises until I get back. I never realized what a naughty boy you were. See you in a bit.” Before she turned to leave, she handed him her clipboard.

His eyes followed the pleasing curve of her hips as she left the room. Even in a lab coat, she drew his gaze like a magnet. Blowing out a deep breath, he looked down at the board and began to read.