GRAVITY SUCKS!
Gravity SUCKS!

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If you're looking for a great Paranormal Romance, GRAVITY SUCKS! is it!
Paranormal Romance (vampires)
Love scenes, language.
ISBN: 9781311539588
18,000 words
Ashamed of her disability as a vampire who couldn't fly, Tasha Roshenko fought to keep her vulnerable heart to herself, but as luck would have it, a handsome vampire singer in a band proved to be her downfall.

Heat had become a well-known womanizer of both humans and vampires. Bored and lonely, he was ready to end his existence of one-thousand years. He found new life when he sensed Tasha, and noted that she was different, the first woman he'd ever met, who didn't want him.


As soon as she opened her eyes, Tasha was aware of the body next to hers. Never before had she felt such wild passion with a man, vampire or human. He hadn’t replaced the wrist cuff and chain after the long night of lovemaking.
She was free, yet she couldn't deny that she felt bound to him, and that disturbed her more.

"I’ll feed for us, and be back soon." His whisper close to her ear sent shivers down her spine. He left in an instant without waiting for her answer.

Upset at herself for giving in to the vampire, she quickly dressed by conjuring up some clothes with a wave of her finger, and tried to find the exit. When she came to the crack in the wall, she was unable to open the door.

"Damn him!"

With no apparent exit, she could only wait for him to return, and pray she could outsmart him. She didn't want to remain there, captive in more ways than one. The feelings he evoked proved more dangerous than when she’d been brutally used by other vampires in the past.
When he finds out I’m disabled, he’ll leave me anyway. It's best I go before I get attached to him. I’ll have to find a new home far enough away that he’ll never find me.

It wasn’t the first time she’d had to move. The last vampire who’d found out about her lack of ability to fly had laughed her right out the door. She could still hear his malicious words.

You’re a joke! I can’t believe I wanted such a poor specimen for my mate. Get out of my lair, and don’t come back. You are useless to me…

Never again would she set herself up for a fall. She decided to give up on learning to fly.

"Maybe it’s time I end it all, and give up. I’ll never be able to do the things a normal vampire can do."

"You did pretty well at it last night, my princess."

The deep voice behind her startled her into releasing a scream.

"You did miss me, didn’t you?"

Before she had time to move, the door slid closed with a snap, locking them inside.

"I want to leave," she cried, feeling along the wall to no avail. Fear that he’d heard her admission rose in her belly until she began to tremble. If he found out…

"No. I have better plans for us tonight."

Tasha knew that it was useless to argue with him, since every time she spoke, he bulldozed ahead and did what he wanted anyway. The terror grew as she waited for the anger and vengeance she expected.

"Damn you! You can’t keep me here."

"I can, and I am. Now, let’s get you fed."

She crossed her arms over her chest, and shook her head in defiance, but he laughed and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her back to the bed. Before he laid her down, he removed her clothing, and began to kiss her into submission. No matter how much she wanted to fight him, she soon melted into his arms, and accepted her fate.

I’ll leave tomorrow…

2006 Copyright © by Franny Armstrong
All Rights Reserved