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If you're looking for a great Paranormal Romance, this is it!

not a series

Author Franny Armstrong

ISBN: 9781310220517

Format: PDF
Publisher: Franny Armstrong
Genre: paranormal romance
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Wiley is a wacky witch whose spells tend to fail. She refuses to date handsome rich men because of her ex-husband, and wants only a kind and caring man in her life.

When Ryder, a competent wizard, finds her in a restaurant in the town of Salem, he's wary because he's been bitten by the divorce bug. He wants to find a woman who could love him for himself.

Disguised as a balding, poor man, he finds Wiley fascinating. When she falls for him, she opens her heart. The only problem is that she hates liars. How can he convince her that he's the right man for her? It’s a game of hearts in this sweet tale of love.


"If only I can find a spell that will repel gorgeous men, then I won't have to fight so hard to refuse them," Wiley said, studying her Book Of Majick.

"I still don't understand why you think that if a guy is handsome, he's no good," Nat said, swaying her feet back and forth as she sat on the edge of the table in Wiley's basement.

"Experience. That's all I can say."

"Wiley, what gives with you, and Ryder?"

"What do you mean?" She looked up distractedly, while she fingered through the pages.

"Well, you spent all afternoon and evening with him, and tomorrow you're going touring all day."

Lifting her head, she grinned. "He's easy to talk to, not overly attractive, and knows how to keep his hands off me. What more do I need? He's the perfect man."

"What if he tries to kiss you? Isn't that, like, gross?"

"No. I think he's attractive, in an unattractive way."

"I think you've finally lost your marbles. The man is bald and boring. Victor is a much better catch. He's tall, handsome, sweet…"

"Bossy, overbearing, and gorgeous! All strikes in my ballpark. If you want him, he's yours. Please, by all means take him."

"Are you even aware of what you're saying?"

"Perfect! This one should do it. I take hair of the dog, bark of an oak tree, a piece of meat and…a bone? What the..."

"Sounds like a spell to make a dog happy."

"It must be all in the words. ‘Fidollo, racedacom, comalipus'. Hmm…I think I'll try it. I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?"


Early the next morning, Wiley delivered the pastries to Walter. She didn't have to wait for Ryder for more than a minute.

"Good morning," he greeted her, selecting a blueberry Danish.

"Hi. Once you're done breakfast, we're heading out." Wiley took a blueberry Danish also.

"You like blueberries?" he asked.

"It's my most favorite fruit. I go picking once a year, but most of them end up in my mouth before I get out of the orchard. Lucky they don't weigh us on the scales before we leave the fields or I'd be paying big time." After winking at him, she poured a coffee, and sat down.

"Ah, there she is. Good morning, my little dove," Jeffrey said, ruffling her hair.

"Hello, darling. When are you going to leave that man and marry me?" she teased.

"I'm sorry, Wiley, but he has much more money than you."

"Oh, you brat! I'm telling Walter what you said!" She giggled.

"I already know that he only wants me for my money. Perhaps I'll auction him off and you can buy him." Walter leaned down to kiss Wiley's cheek.

Laughter filled the room.

"Maybe I could get him for a buck or two!"

"Hey, no fair. Don't hurt the poor man's feelings," Ryder said, winking at Jeffrey.

"At last, someone who is on my side! They're brutal when they pick on me," Jeffrey pouted.

"Oh, honey, I was going to buy you. That means I want you, big boy! Who else is going to clean my house?" Wiley snickered.

"Oh, you are so cruel! Ryder, when you have her in the boat, pitch her overboard!"


Smiling, Wiley shook her head.

"Spoiling my surprise now, are you?" She growled, reaching out to tickle Jeffrey. He was extremely ticklish and reacted instantly, jumping back, and giggling.

"Sorry, pumpkin. Consider that payback," he teased.

"Oh, there'll be payback all right. See if I make you your favorite Danish for the next two weeks."

"No. I can't take it. No lemon? How will I survive?" he cried, over-acting his devastation.

Wiley laughed, and turned to face Ryder.

"We'd better get out of here before we have a theatrical overload! Do you have shorts and a t-shirt?" she asked, eyeing his long pants, and long sleeved shirt.

"Yes ma'am. I'll run up and change right away."

"Bring long pants and a sweater. I plan on keeping you busy until past dark!"

"Lucky me," he teased. Winking at her, he raced up the stairs, feeling younger than he had in years.